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HPG-FS Fire Safe Insulating System
  • HPG-FS Fire Safe Insulating System
  • The HPG-FS gasket is Tecson's premium performance fire safe isolation gasket and utilizes a tandem seal design. This incorporates a GRE (G10 or G11) coated metallic core with a Teflon seal energized with a ELGILOY® spring and with second dielectric coated Fire safe ring. Each HPG-FS flange isolation kit is supplied with Isolating bolt sleeves and a unique washer combination consisting of a metallic washer and SCS Washer which coated with Tecson specially modified high temperature material.

    HPG-FS  had been approved by API 6FB



HPG-FS combines exceptional chemical compatibility and electrical isolation with the capability of maintaining sealing performance after API 6FB fire test.


 • Flange isolation for cryogenic applications/ LNG service.

 • Media compatibility with natural gas, oils, other hydrocarbon media and many corrosive environments.

• Specified for plant wide use on the majority of flange specifications including ASME, JIS, EN, BS and DIN.

 • Flange insulation and electrical isolation in conjunction with cathodic protection.

 • Insulation between dissimilar metals/flanges to prevent galvanic corrosion



HPG-FS can be supplied in sizes from NB ½" to 60" diameter to match the majority of flange specifications and can be manufactured in IBC and full face styles. Custom dimensions and sizing options are available upon request.


HPG-FS is supplied as a kit suitable for the specific flange size and class rating required.


This kit includes:

1 HPG-FS gasket

2 Isolating bolt sleeves

3 SCS Insulating Washers

4 Metallic backup washers

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