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SonGraf™ Moulded Rings
  • SonGraf™ Moulded Rings
  • Tecson die formed / moulded graphite rings are manufactured from an extensive range of existing tooling. New tooling provided to customer specific requirement supplied on short lead times, normally in a range of densities from 1.2 g /cc to 1.8 g /cc with carbon content ranging from 99% to 99.85% corrosion and oxidation resistant grades and PTFE impregnated grades also supplied.



SonGraf™ Moulded Rings

Material: 100% Flexible graphite, commercial and nuclear grades.

Structure: Die-formed.

Application Media: Chemicals, solvents, corrosives, gases, water, steam, air, oils, petroleum products besides the strong oxidizers.

Equipment: Centrifugal pumps & rotating equipments, valves.

Industry Serviced: Power Generation, Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical. Steel & Metals, Marine, Pulp & Papers, Agriculture, General Industry.

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