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Metal Eyeletted Gaskets
  • Metal Eyeletted Gaskets
  • Eyeletted gasket is a SONSEAL Compressed Non-asbestos Cutting Gasket or SonGraf expanded graphite gasket which is fitted with metal inner eyeletted, to be used into in applications where leak-free sealing is of greatest importance. The advantages of this type of gasket are the resistance to blow-out and its higher temperature and pressure range.


Size Standard: Refer to ASME / ANSI, GOST, DIN, JIS, GB, also according to customer requirements.
Thickness: 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm.

Gasket Material: Graphite metal reinforcement series SonGraf T100, non-asbestos SONSEAL
Wrapping material: SS 316L or as required.

Gasket Profiles

Style IE
Gasket with inner eyelet
Suitable for tongue and groove and male-female flanges in pipe joints and vessels or as a heat exchanger gasket.
Style OE
Gasket with outer eyelet
Style IOE
Gasket with inner and outer eyelet
Style IOER
Gasket with inner and outer eyelet, and with solid inner ring.

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