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Expanded PTFE Sheet
  • Expanded PTFE Sheet
  • SONFLON® 7400 is a multi-directional expanded PTFE gasket sheet material, whose high malleability allows sealing even damaged flange, while its very low relaxation under load guarantees high fitting reliability. Suitable for most chemical applications.


Key Features:

  • 100% pure virgin PTFE.

  • Improved creep resistance.

  • High compressibility and recovery.

  • High resistance against compressive creep dimension stable.

  • Universal chemical resistance.

  • Large temperature range.


  • Tight and blow-out safe

  • Highest operational safety

  • Sealseven damaged flanges

  • Conformsto the FDA regulations


  • Suitable for all pressure sensitive and stress sensitive connections.

  • Suitable for use with even with most aggressive chemicals.

  • Non-contaminating-appropriate for all applications demanding highest purity.

  • Extremely versatile for flange connections, pressure vessels, chemical reactors andhousings of pumps, compressors etc.

  • Suitable as hand and manhole gaskets, heat exchangers, venting systems etc.

Technical Data:

PropertyTest MethodNominal Value
-200 degrees Celsius to +260 degrees Celsius
Operating Pressure
100 bar
Chemical Resistance
pH 0-14, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.
SealabilityASTM F376*10-4 ml/hr
CompressibilityASTM F3642 %
RecoveryASTM F365 %
Tensile StrengthASTM F15231 MPa

Supply Data:
Standard size 1520mm x 1520mm in 0.5 up to 6.0mm thickness, and as ready cut gasket.

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