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Sonseal 9450
  • Sonseal 9450
  • Sonseal 9450 is a standard gasket material for most industry applications. The main components are graphite and aramide fibres, bonded with NBR. Sonseal 9450 is a very compact gasket material with excellent pressure-resistant and temperature-resistant.


Technical Data:

Anti-stick coatingBoth sides
Maximum Temperature450 degrees Celsius
Maximum Pressure100bar
Density1.65 g/cm3
Compressibility ASTM F36A7 ~ 17 %
Recovery ASTM F36A45%
Gas leakage DIN3535 mg/m*s0.001 mg/m*s
Thickness increase Oil IRM 903 150 deg C for 5 hrs10% Max.
Thickness increase ASTM Fuel B 23 deg Cfor 5 hrs15 % Max.

Supply Data:

Thickness0.4 ~ 5 mm
Sheet size1500*1500 mm

And provide cut-type gasket on request.

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