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Specialized Ring Type Joints
  • Specialized Ring Type Joints
  • In addition to standard profile shapes, TECSON can supply various non-standard profile shapes . 
    Since this involves non-standard items , clear descriptions and/or drawings must be made available.


Transition Ring Type Joints

It is used when the flanges have different groove dimensions or profiles . Thansition Ring Type Joints are available with either oval or octagonal facings and are not encompassed by the API specification. 
Rubber Coated Ring Type Joint 
This (oval or octagonal) type is widely used during test procedures.
Another advantage is that with the proper use of this gasket, it can be re-used.
Generally, NBR rubber quality is used.

RTJ with PTFE Loose Inner Ring

The purpose of this ring is to prevent corrostion of the gasket and flange grooves by the contained medium. 

RTJ with Sponge Rubber Outer

A Ring Type Joint Gasket fitted with a sponge rubber outer ring to prevent corrosion from atmosphere. 

Metallic Protective Caps for Ring Joint Gaskets

These caps are applied:
• To prevent damage to the ring and groove.
• To be used in the case of damaged grooves.

Blind Ring Type Joint

It can be manufactured to blank off flanges and pipe work. They consist of standard ring type joints with integral solid metallic centers. 

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