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FEP Encapsulated Gasket
  • FEP Encapsulated Gasket
  • TECSON LOCKSEAL silicone or FKM gaskets for camlockcouplings, encapsulated with FEP, are designed for use withpractically all chemicals, even in the toughest corrosive envi-ronments. These gaskets combine the best qualities of two materials to form a superior seal: Elastomer as the core for resilience, and FEP on the outside for chemical resistance. Not an envelope gasket, the elastomeric core of every LOCKSEAL gasket is fully encased.



- Excellent Chemical Resistance. FEP is chemically inert to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents,even at elevated temperatures and pressures
- Resiliency. Elastomeric cores provide an assured tight seal

- Nonstick Surface.  Almost all substances release easily so cleanup is easier

- Universal Seal. Handles practically any fluid. Eliminates matching the myriad elastomeric formulations with a specific requirement

- Sanitary. Eliminates contamination associated with elastomeric gaskets.


LOCKSEAL Gaskets provide a superior seal for any bulk liquid transfer in manufacturing, distribution or storage.
- Chemical Processing:

- Cosmetic Industry:

- Petroleum Industry:
- Pharmaceuticals:

- Bulk Liquid Transfer:

Supply Specification

- Core Materials Silicone - Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications. (Available in red or white)

FKM - Ideal for overall chemical resistance.
- Encapsulation Solid 0.5mm wall of virgin FEP

Temperature Resistance
FEP & silicone  -60to + 205 
FEP & FKM      -60to + 205

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