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Spark Gap Protector
  • Spark Gap Protector
  • The spark gap protector for cross insulating flange ends in the oil and gas pipeline, to prevent lightning over voltage or over-voltage breakdown through insulating flanges. It will be oil and gas pipeline grounding ,limit the overvoltage on the pipeline in the range of relatively low, preventing pipeline on overvoltage contact the personal harm. Two independent grounding body between the potential of buildings, railway, petrochemical and other system for connection of electric spark gap .



- Absorb large energy, reliable protection and residual depression;

- The response speed is nanosecond, no freewheeling;

- The shell adopts corrosion resistant insulation materials, suitable for installation in different environments.



The spark gap is mounted between two separate ground electrodes or between the connected to the ground drain.

This product is free of maintenance.

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