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  • HPG-OP
  • HPG-OP is a one-piece isolating and sealing orifice plate design for pipeline flow restriction. HPG-OP incorporates spring-energized PTFE radial face seals or elastomeric o-ring seals which are completely encapsulated in a composite seal retainer which makes the orifice plate one-piece and simple to install. This eliminates the need for conventional orifice plates, plate holders and separate gaskets. This orifice plate design substantially reduces residual flange/bolt stress in orifice flanges and improves overall sealing performance under even the most extreme operating conditions in all hydrocarbon production, injection and process applications.



- One-piece, self-contained plate and seal design (replaces and retrofits conventional plate and ring-joint plate holder designs).

- Available for Orifice Fittings and Orifice Flanges .

- Flow Restriction Orifice Plates available with any Beta Orifice Size .

- Integrated Spring-energized radial face seals insure high integrity / maintenance free / pressure-energized sealing.

- Integrated composite seal retainer mitigates galvanic corrosion in dissimilar metal fittings and flanges.

- Protects flanges from media induced corrosion and flow-induced erosion in Orifice flanges .

- Decreases flange / bolt makeup stresses in Orifice flanges.

- Increases flange pressure sealing capabilities in Orifice flanges.

- Increases flange / bolt external (bending and tension) load bearing capabilities in Orifice flanges.

- Easy installation and removal.

- Reusable Orifice plate / seal retainer and seals.


- Hydrocarbon production

Hydrocarbon Injection

- Hydrocarbon Processing


Supply Specification:

HPG-OP comprised of a alloy steel plate bonded to a G-10 fiber glass reinforced laminate. The orifice plate will be either .260 thick or .308" thick.  The sealing surface will contain a precision tapered groove to accommodate the controlled compression of a PTFE spring energized seal. Sealing element placement shall accommodate either flat, raised or RTJ face flanges. The PTFE seal shall be spring and pressure energized. The G-10 retainer shall have a 800 volts/mil dielectric strength and a minimum 65,000 psi compressive strength.

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