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Monolithic Isolation Joints
  • Monolithic Isolation Joints
  • SONJOINT is a monolithic isolating joint which effectively and efficiently stops short circuits and stray currents from damaging pipelines and equipment.


Supply Data:
SONJOINT can be supplied in sizes from 1/2" to 150" diameter with an ANSI rating 150# to 2500#. All type of carbon steel or stainless steel can be used into SONJOINT.


No loss of integrity due to thermal expansion or ground stress as is common with flange insulation gasket kits.

100% tested hydrostatically and electrically, to 1-1/2 times working pressure. Non-destructive testing 

is also available.

Maintenance-free, reliable cathodic isolation of equipment in required isolation applications 

such as compressor stations.

No labor intensive, complicated installation procedure required as with isolation gasket kits

No inspection pits, vaults or maintenance needed - weld into place and direct bury - reliable, worry-free cathodic isolation.

Non-conductive epoxy coatings help prevent shorts, both externally and internally.

Isolates stray currents impressed on the pipe from exterior forces such as electrical transmission systems, earth 

currents and currents flowing from point to point.

Excellent bending and torsional resistance.

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