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  • Other Metal Gaskets
  • In addition to the manufacture of metal ring joint gaskets, TECSON manufactures a range of metallic gaskets to international standards and specifications. Examples of some products are listed here, and more detailed information is available upon request.


Metallic gaskets are available in a range of materials including soft carbon steel,stainless and alloy steels, Duplex, Monel, Titanium Inconel, Incoloy and Nickel. 
Other materials are available upon request.

Gasket Profiles:

未标题-1.jpgSolid Flate Metallic Gasket
Used in valve seats, heat exchangers and in threaded connections. 


Convex Gasket
A machined sealing ring with dimensions in according with DIN 7603D or customer specifications. 


Bridgeman Gasket
They are of unique pressure-energized type gaskets. Bridgeman's "Principle of Unsupported Area" is made used of for the design of these type. The gaskets are designed to seal by utilizing pressure loaded on flatting head. 


Double Cone Gasket

These gaskets are suitable for large diameter, high pressure applications. 

delta gasket.png

Delta Gasket

This is an auto-seal type metallic gasket which has a triangular cross section.

未标题-5.jpgSolid Metallic O-Ring
It is used when elastomers and other non-metallic seals not seal properly or don't offer the required reliability for the application. Usually, because of the temperature, pressure and environment, the metal O-ring can form a long lasting sealing. 
未标题-6.jpgHollow Metallic O-Ring
Holtec hollow metallic O-ring suit to valve bonnets, pipe flanges,vacuum vessels,nuclear power cocntainers and aircraft engines. Normally it will be supplied with PTFE coating or silver plating for sealing gases, vacuum and highly volatile liquids. 

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