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Easyseal™ Gasket Tape
  • Easyseal™ Gasket Tape
  • TECON SonGraf Easyseal is a braided tube - folded flat to form a tape - from pure expanded graphite. 
    With adhesive backing, easy to be installed. 



  • Style Easyseal 3600 : braided from Songraf expanded graphite fiber.

  • Style Easyseal 3610 : braided from Songraf expanded graphite fiber , with inconel wires reinforced.

The tapes can be with or without adhesive backed.

Static seal for metallic and non-metallic flanges, lids, covers, hatches, reactors, autoclaves, heaters, etc.
Suitable for most media in a wide variety of processes, including steam, fuel, gases, mineral and synthetic oils, effluents, condensate, process water, etc. 

Technical Data:

Temperature-240 ~ 450 degrees Celsius (650 degrees Celsius Steam)
Density1.1 g/cm3
Pressure400 bar

Supply Data:


Recommended Joint Type

  1. Gasket surface has to be clean and free from grease.

  2. Cut the ends of the gasket tape as shown in sketches below.

  3. Join the two ends by sticking the pre-cut tongue into the opening of the opposite end, as demonstrated in the

    sketch below . Wrap this joint with thin, self-adhesive graphite tape for better sealability.

  4. Torque bolts in a star pattern during several stages, the final adjustment should be done in a circular direction to

    the full torque value. 

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