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Sonseal 9200
  • Sonseal 9200
  • High quality gasket jointing, with wire reinforced. The sheet has excellent mechanical properties. This style is suitable for oils, fuels, lubricants, gases, hydrocarbons, and most diluted acids and alkalis.


Technical Data:

Anti-stick coatingOne side
Maximum Temperature380 degrees Celsius
Maximum Pressure120 bar
Density1.6 ~ 1.9 g/cm3
Compressibility ASTM F36A10 %
Recovery ASTM F36A45 %
Gas leakage DIN35350.03 mg/m*s
Thickness increase Oil IRM 903 150 deg C for 5 hrs5 % Max.
Thickness increase ASTM Fuel B 23 deg C for 5 hrs5 % Max.

Supply Data:

Thickness0.8 ~ 5 mm
Sheet size1500*1500 mm

And provide cut-type gasket on request.

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