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Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Ceramic Fiber Board
  • The mixture is vacuum processed into boards or formed shapes that keep good mechanical strength after heating. These products can be manufactured using five basic fiber types: ISOFILE CFB Board, classification temperature 1000 degrees C, 1260 degrees C, 1400 degrees C, 1600 degrees C and 1700 degrees C; and MB millboard, classification temperature 1500 degrees C. ISOFILE CFB can be used for internal lining of furnace with high strength and anti airspeed eroding.



  • Board and millboard

  • Smooth surface

  • Low impurity, and average bulk density and thickness

  • Excellent mechanical strength and structural strength

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Low shrinkage

  • Resistant airspeed eroding

  • Formed shape

  • Good stability

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Low thermal storage

  • Light weight

  • High plasticity to make complex shape


StylesCFB 1000CFB 1260CFB 1400CFB 1600CFB MB
Temperature1000 degrees C1260 degrees C1400 degrees C1600 degrees C1500 degrees C
Bulk density250Kg/m3250Kg/m3250Kg/m3400 Kg/m31000Kg/m3
Linear shrinkage % ( degrees C*24h)
Tensile Strength (MPa)



  • Back-up lining of high-temperature industry furnaces.

  • Hot-face lining of ceramic kilns, heat-treatment furnaces and other industrial kilns.

  • Insulation for furnace door and kiln car.


  • Refractory, insulation and sealing.

  • Insulation of transportation roller for Annealing Furnace and Reheating Furnace.

  • Insulation of transportation roller for heat-treatment furnace of plain glasses.


  • Boards: 1000*600*10~50mm

  • Formed shape : On requested

  • Millboard: 1000*1000*1.6; 3; 4; 5mm

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