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Graphite foil
  • Graphite foil
  • Songraf flexible graphite foil, is a homogenous high purity graphite, containing no binders or adhesives providing a resilient and compressible sealing material which exhibits excellent fluid sealing performance for critical high temperature applications.


Songraf foils are available in a wide range of grades which include Ultra High Purity, Oxidation Resistant and Corrosion Inhibited grades.

In Electronic applications graphite foils can be used as a dry alternative to thermal compounds providing low thermal resistance and high electrical conductivity. Suitable as a parting media or masking substrate.

Technical Data:

Standard Carbon Content99% Minimum
Chloride content< 50ppm
Sulphur content< 1000ppm
Ash content< 1.0%

Supplied Data

Thickness of foils0.2 ~ 2mm
Width1000mm ; 1500mm

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